From first concept 'sketch' to completed built 'proposal'

Sketchproposal Limited can offer a range of architectural services to fit your project and suit your budget requirements. We have a varied portfolio of project work and a good working relationship with the various departments of many local authorities; (planning, conservation, building control, environmental, archaeological, highways).


Advice on property acquisitions and development, maintenance and repairs and the conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Architectural Design

Attention to detail, designing efficient spaces with careful attention to materials, environmental sensitivity and energy efficiency.

Planning submissions

Applications to local planning authorities, including conservation area and listed building consents.

Detailed technical drawings

High quality technical drawings for submission to local authorities and for on site construction teams.

Contract Administration

To ensure parties employ due diligence to comply with the terms, conditions, rights and obligations of the building contract.

3D visualisations

Architectural walk through and fly animation with day light analysis and geographical context.

Qualified chartered architect, registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects with more than 25 years experience in the construction industry. Broad experience in residential, commercial, educational, retail, industrial and health care. Project work is delivered to a level 2 standard of Building Information Modelling (BIM) using architectural design software such as Autodesk CAD and Trimble Sketchup.

Architects fees will depend on the work involved in the project. Some practices are more expensive than others, and there is no universal fee level. But as an approximate rule of thumb it might be useful to expect total architects fees to be around 5 - 12 % of the overall project cost.

Most clients want competitive fees that are good value for money, for a quality service from a professional. It's not such a good idea to look for cheap fees. An extension or new house is a big investment that needs to be done right. Low quality, cheap fees are sometimes offered by others that come full of risk that could end up costing you more in the long term.

Ballpark average architect cost for simple planning applications and drawings only in 2024 (excluding vat).

Architect job type Low range High range
Single storey extension design and planning drawings (20m2 basic cost) £1,600 £3,500
Single storey extension building regulation and construction drawings (20m2 basic cost) £1,600 £3,500
Double storey extension design and planning drawings (40m2 basic cost) £2,500 £4,850
Double storey extension building regulation and construction drawings (40m2 basic cost) £2,500 £4,850
Loft conversion design and planning drawings (25m2 with roof windows) £1,250 £3,000
Loft conversion building regulation and construction drawings (25m2 with roof windows) £1,250 £3,000
New build design and planning drawings (90m2) £3,000 £5,000
New build regulation and construction drawings (90m2) £5,000 £7,000

From technical drawings to planning permission, some of the tasks a skilled architect can assist with include:

    • Measuring and surveying a property
    • Preparing feasibility studies and identifying possible constraints
    • Producing conceptual and technical designs
    • Guiding you through the planning and building regulations processes
    • Preparing and submitting drawings to LPA for planning permission
    • Monitoring your planning application
    • Assisting with finding and selecting other contractors
    • Producing and managing tender
    • Managing the contract you have with builders
    • Certifying work has been completed

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